Sparrow Academy of Music

Let's Make Some Music!


Who should apply?
Students - beginner, intermediate or advanced - who are serious about expanding their musical experience on the violin or piano through private lessons.  As well, qualified individuals performing various string or other instruments who would like to participate in the SAM "High Strung" Orchestra may also inquire as to admission requirements.


How to apply?
First, we recommend that you contact us and discuss our program. Due to schedules, personal visits are by appointment only. Evening and weekend appointments are scheduled upon request.

As our goal is to provide a learning and performance environment for all of our students and participants, current skill levels are only part of our evaluation.  A willing commitment to practice to better one's skills and attendance to all rehearsals and performances is significant in securing an invitation to the SAM Orchestra.

Soooo.....hard to believe the cool, suave young man playing Rachmaninoff's G-minor Prelude was also the same "Hill-jack" who came to type a letter to his girl.....we wondered if he realized the was standing right behind him......?
The boys nailing Shostakovich's Waltz....awesome!